Cerulean Skies is a hub and “collective” for games + media discussion and content creation. Through our community and contributors, we hope to always have something “on” to enjoy or engage with.

Our core ethos is to generate creative momentum: we want to create a collaborative space to discuss media we’re passionate about—and to also encourage members to jump on or start up streams, podcasts, live discussion, reviews, and general content.

  • We provide tools and assets for folks who want to stream, write, podcast, and share content. For those with no interest in creation but who may want to be involved with Cerulean Skies in some way, there is always space for you as a guest or community member.
  • In this project there are no competitive or definitive contributors. (e.g. it’s welcome—and even encouraged—for multiple folks to stream at the same time.)
  • Contributors can choose whether or not they want to advertise the content they make or participate in. There are no social media expectations or requirements; we want our discourse to speak for itself, and we have a group of core members who are willing to be an audience.
  • We take things at our own pace; getting content and discussion rolling is the goal, but there are no deadlines or requirements for the content we make.




Our main center of communication and discourse. Come hang!


Where we stream games, podcasts,  etc.


Announcement-based twitter for updates + a feed for live content and new releases.


All socials in one place.

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